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The English Youth Ballet is now well-established for the production of full length classical ballets in the regional theatres of the UK. The Company uses 100 young dancers chosen by audition from within an 80-100 mile radius of the theatre in the area, therefore giving young ballet dancers the opportunity to experience the creative process from rehearsal to performance in our exciting productions of The Nutcracker, Coppelia, The Sleeping Beauty, Giselle or Swan Lake.





English Youth Ballet is offering an exciting opportunity for up to 80 boys and girls ages 8-18yrs to perform in our electrifying production of

SWAN LAKE at the Kings Theatre in Portsmouth for 3 performances from 28 - 29 April 2023.



Swan Lake audition on Monday 16 January on stage at the Kings Theatre, Albert Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, P05 2QJ.

Ages 8-11yrs 4.30 - 6.15pm

Ages 12-18yrs 6.45 - 8.30pm

Please arrive at the start time as the audition takes the full time.

We advise registering prior to the audition but you may also attend on the day.

Audition application form can be found on 'Auditions' page of EYB website.

For more information please visit the website, email or call EYB., 01689 856747

For all information regarding times, dates and venues please email or telephone EYB office on 01689 856747




The English Youth Ballet is giving young dancers the opportunity to experience the creative process from rehearsal to performance in our dramatic production of Swan Lake for a dress rehearsal and 3 performances at the Kings Theatre, Portsmouth from 27 - 29 April 2023.



The audition registration fee is £20.00. The audition takes place on the stage and parents are invited to watch. We will be looking for young dancers who love their dancing and who would benefit from the EB Performance Course. We will be offering up to 90 places and we hold a reserve list in case anyone does not take up the place that is offered.



6/8 March tbc (after school- Casting and press photos)

Sat 1 - Sun 2 April (2 Days) Wed 12 - Sun 16 April (5 Days)

Fri 21 - Sun 23rd April (3 Days)

Experience for the dancer

Technique classes with different teachers

Learning new steps and choreography

Seeing how the professional dancers work and prepare for their performances

Exciting and intensive rehearsals

Being part of a professional production and ballet company

Meeting new friends

11 x rehearsal days starting with a casting day

3 days spent working in beautiful theatres

Performing to large audiences

High quality, professional sets, costumes and productions

A professional video of the final performance is made

Parent's experience

EYB invite parents to the final run-through in the studio

Parents have said that "EYB is worth every penny spent on the course"

Children's passion for dance and their confidence is increased

Teachers' experience

Feedback from teachers "dancers come back to class stronger and with more confidence and developed performance skills"




The fee for the Course is £540.00 payable to English Youth Ballet in advance in 4 instalments (4 instalments of £135.00) prior to the first rehearsal/casting day. Scholarships and sibling discounts are available.

* The course fee covers the production costs of costumes, headdresses, scenery, and running costs of school rehearsals hire, all artistic, administrative and technical staff fees, travel, hotels, publicity and marketing. EYB has not put prices up for 4 years and the increase is due to the rising cost of living in order to keep English Youth Ballet and its valuable work for young people going. It is still only a rise of 8% - which is lower than the current rate of inflation.

Each year, NYB holds multiple audition dates. Each audition class is 1 hour and candidates are streamed into classes according to age and/or grade.


NYB offers talented young dancers, aged 8 to 18 years, an opportunity to participate in the creation, production and performance of ballet at a professional level. Dancers work with eminent composers, choreographers and teachers, gaining experience, confidence, and team spirit. NYB continues to inspire creativity, and nurture invaluable performance and life skills through its summer rehearsal school, its annual choreographic competition and performances at major theatres. NYB is proud to have alumni contracted to major ballet and musical theatre companies in UK and throughout the world.

Applications for Associate courses

Our Associate programme is run in eight centres around the UK including: London, Birmingham, Bath, Eastleigh, Leeds, Manchester and Totnes. The course is designed to augment an individual's current training while introducing them to The Royal Ballet School's System of Training, alongside other gifted children who aspire to a career in dance. Pupils continue to study with their regular dance teacher in addition to their

Associate classes


Applications for Junior Associates (8-10 years)

The Central School of Ballet Junior Programme strives to provide exceptional standards of ballet tuition whilst emphasising an open and inclusive community ethos. Our in-house syllabus, specifically tailored across eleven levels for pupils aged 3-16, provides a solid foundation on which aspiring ballet dancers can build and is consistent with the approach of our Prep and Pre-Senior Programme and Senior School

Applications open January 

Mid and Senior Associates auditions are held in January and February with an application close date in November.

Applications open Autumn 

For more information about the associate programs: 




Registration Fee: £10


LCB is looking for 57 talented young dancers (girls aged 9-14 and boys aged 9-16) to create a new Company that will perform at The Peacock Theatre in London's West End  LCB chooses children based on more than just technique; children are selected for that special star quality that makes a dancer irresistible to watch, regardless of their shape, size or previous dance experience.


*About LCB auditions*

LCB holds open auditions each year for girls aged 9-14 and boys aged 9-16. We welcome audition candidates of all levels of experiences and all shapes and sizes. The judging panel looks for good technique, but they also look for that extra something special that makes a dancer beautiful to watch regardless of shape or size. The stories we choose are full of different kinds of characters, and this is taken into account when selecting our Company.


Auditions are held annually from the end of October and over November. Preliminary auditions are split over two weekends, with between 500 and 600 children auditioning for 56 places. Candidates receive a results letter in the post, and roughly one in five are invited to the final audition. The new company is selected from this final audition. The judging panel aims to select 7 girls in each age group and 15 boys in total.


Though auditions are competitive, judges are not looking just for technique; they are also trying to spot children who have a wonderful star quality that makes them appealing to watch. Children of all shapes and sizes are welcome to audition. Judges also take into consideration a child's experience and level of training. If you are thinking about auditioning, take a look at some of our top tips!


*audition tips*

The LCB judging panel is not looking for perfect dancers with perfect ballet bodies. Though they do look for good technique, they are also spotting things like a dancer's ability to learn new steps, personality, grace, musicality and that special something that makes a dancer beautiful to watch.


Many dancers who come to audition with LCB don't make it to the second round for very simple and avoidable reasons. Here are a few things to think about.


  1. If you don't have amazing ballet feet, that's ok, but you must make sure that you are using what you have as best you can. Stretch your feet in every step and jump. The judges are never impressed with flapping feet, no matter how old you are.

  2. Try to learn the steps while they are being demonstrated so you can really perform them when it comes to your turn. It is obvious to the judges if you are copying other people in your line or if you have your eyes fixed on the teacher at the front. If you are copying, it also ruins your line and your ability to perform.

  3. It is ok if you make a mistake or forget a step. It is obvious to the judges if you are a beautiful dancer who just makes a mistake, and you won't be penalised for it.

  4. If you have a natural smile, use it! However, a peaceful lovely expression is much more appealing than a forced grin, so enjoy the experience and show how much you love dancing. Being part of LCB is a huge privilege, so the judges want to make sure that they choose children who will get the most out of the opportunity. Although you may love to dance, if you have a worried or very serious expression the judges won't know. Ask your teacher or a parent to watch you while you dance and let you know if you look worried or not.

  5. For those in the 9 and 10 year old categories, take some time to look at your posture in the mirror before you come to audition. Are you holding your stomach in? Do your shoulders stay down when you do a port de bras exercise? Are your knees pulled up? When you jump, are both of your legs straight and your feet pointed? These are some basics that will help you look like a dancer from the start.

Junior Program

The Central School of Ballet Junior Programme strives to provide exceptional standards of ballet tuition whilst emphasising an open and inclusive community ethos. Our in-house syllabus, specifically tailored across eleven levels for pupils aged 3-16, provides a solid foundation on which aspiring ballet dancers can build and is consistent with the approach of our Prep and Pre-Senior Programme and Senior School.


Junior School classes take place on Monday to Thursday evenings from 4pm onwards. The timetable for the  academic year can be viewed by following the link on this page.

If you wish to apply please download an application form by following the link ‘How to Apply’ to the left of this page.

Prep and Pre-senior Course

A Strong Foundation

For aspiring dancers between 11 and 16 years (academic years 7 to 11) the Prep and Pre-Senior courses will help you to prepare for a future performing career. 

This programme is made up of Saturday classes designed to complement your regular training, and your classes will run alongside the Senior School course.


Course Experience

Pupils are split into classes for boys and girls, with further grouping made with both age and ability taken into consideration. Pupils will only progress through the levels at the discretion of the teaching staff and subject to continual assessment. Please note that pupils may be asked to repeat a level at any time.


The following class division is therefore a guideline only and the school will decide which level is most suitable for each applicant:

  • Prep 1 Girls - 11-12 Years

  • Prep 2 Girls - 12-13 Years

  • Prep 3 Girls - 13-14 Years

  • Pre-Senior Girls - 14-16 Years

  • Prep Boys - 11-14 Years

  • Pre-Senior Boys - 14-16 Years


The programme includes (depending on level):

  • Ballet

  • Contemporary

  • Pointe work

  • Repertoire

  • Pilates

  • Dalcroze

  • Character


A Natural Progression

Our Prep and Pre-Senior courses offer invaluable preparation for full-time dance training. Many students move into Central's Senior School, and other leading ballet and dance schools once they reach 16. The programme is taught by Central's core staff of teachers including Stephen Williams (Artistic Assistant to the Directors & Men’s Ballet Tutor). Associates also have opportunities to take classes in pilates, contemporary dance, character, dalcroze and pointe with the opportunity for other sessions such as nutrition information or advice on applying for vocational dance training. 


Students from the Prep and Pre-Senior courses go on to study in a wide range of dance schools including Central School of Ballet, Elmhurst, Rambert, Laine, Northen and Tring. Please note that participation in the Prep and Pre-Senior courses is not a pre-requisite for entry to the Senior School course at Central School of Ballet. Applications and auditions for the Senior School are undertaken entirely separately.

The audition will consist of a short ballet class followed by a dance solo which the candidate can prepare in any genre.  The solos should be no longer than 1 minute and all candidates will need to bring the music on an Ipod or similar and also on a CD as a back-up.

Please wear suitable dance attire and footwear and ensure that you are neatly groomed.

Summer & Easter School

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