Babies - Primary Grade   
Sky blue leotard - sleeveless, plain front   
Sky blue circular crepe skirt (not chiffon)
Pink satin ballet shoes with elastic
Pink tights or socks (Socks for exams)
Blue ribbon bows 

Grade 1 - 3

Sky blue leotard - sleeveless, plain front
Sky blue ballet belt (Please ensure it is firmly around the waist)
Pink satin ballet shoes with ribbons
Pink tights or socks (Tights for exams)
Blue ribbon bows


Grade 4 - 6

Purple leotard - Thin straps, Rushed front
Purple wrap over crepe skirt (Purple ballet belt for exam, no skirt)
Pink satin ballet shoes with ribbons or Demi-Pointe shoes with ribbons
Pink tights
Purple ribbons or Diamante decoration for the hair


Intermediate & Advanced
Black lycra leotard - Camisole top with single thin straps with gathered front 
Pink ballet shoes or Demi-Pointe shoes with ribbons.
Pink tights  


Boys  Babies - Primary Grades

White leotard                    
Boys are permitted to wear navy track suit bottoms or shorts (shorts for exams)
White leather ballet shoes with white elastic & white socks


Boys Grades 1-6

White leotard  
Boys are permitted to wear black track suit bottoms or tights (black tights for exams)
White leather ballet shoes with white elastic & white socks 


Boys Intermediate & Advanced

White leotard

Black tights or black unitard A leather belt (approximately 2 cms wide) over which the tights are folded A male dance support under tights or unitard.

White socks worn over tights, white ballet shoes with white elastic 

Junior Musical Theatre and Contemporary

Black frilly leotard, Black footless tights and black tap shoes

Ballet Hair All pupils should take care in making sure they are well groomed and hair is neatly tied back in a bun. Hair styles should be simple and secure with no fringes on show. The bun should not be on top of the head and no doughnuts, blue hair nets, and scrunches are not to be used. Hair coloured nets ONLY with two small blue bows on Kirby grips placed in the bun either side.


General uniform info During class practice leather ballet shoes are permitted, the satin must be worn for exams and please ensure that the girls have no knicker lines under their tights.


Names on all clothing and accessories please.




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