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Do I need to be fit to start with?
No, people of any fitness, age, or shape are welcome - but you MUST indicate if you have an injury or physical problem such as back trouble or a weak knee. Taking ballet class is a good way to start getting fit if you don't do any other exercise, and a great addition to other ways of getting fit if you do. Ballet is especially good for flexibility, posture and balance.

How long will it take me to learn how to do ballet?
This depends on how well you pick up new information, and especially how much you practice in between classes. The more you go out, the more you listen to the music, and the closer you are to becoming a better dancer. 

Do I need any previous experience of doing ballet?
No, we hold ballet classes for total beginners. 


The idea of ballet class is a bit intimidating - can I visit a class to see if I want to start?
Newcomers are welcome to come and watch, but by arrangement only please. We also offer a free trial class. Term and condition apply.


What happens in the class?
Ballet class always starts with work at the barre, in a series of exercises to practice the different steps in which make up ballet. The sequence and type of exercises is the same in any ballet class in the world, although teaching techniques and styles do vary! The barre usually takes about 30 minutes. It's followed by a series of exercises in the centre of the studio. Again, there is a sequence of types of exercise, which build upon each other.

Can I join the classes mid - term?
Yes! That is fine.  All movements are explained in full detail just as if you had started at the beginning of the term.

Why take private lessons?

  • You're a busy professional, and you can't make time for the group lessons.

  • You have a lot of questions and feel you need extra attention.

  • You take dancing and fun very seriously.

 One private lesson equals two to three group lessons, so it's up to you how fast you want to learn.

What should I wear to the classes?
For Childrens classes we have a uniform for the Ballet which can be found on our uniform list page. We like to see our students well groomed and uniformed in their lessons. 


Where can I buy my dancewear?
We do sell dancewear on site at a discounted rate.  If we don't have what you require, we have a list of local dance shop at hand.


Are there any membership or registration fees to pay?


What method of payment do you take?
We accept cash or cheque (made payable to Rochelle Ballet School) You can also pay by BACS all bank details are on the invoice.


 Is there parking?
There is plenty of free parking at all venues.





What if I miss a class?
We strongly encourage you not to miss any of the classes that make up your session. If you have to miss a class, we encourage you to attend another class of the same level during the week the class was missed. Prior to this make-up class, you must notify my self, in order to determine make-up class availability. Make-ups are only allowed during the week missed. If the make-up class is not available.


ADULT Q&A- Do the classes follow a syllabus or curriculum?
No, these classes are not geared towards an examination syllabus! It is freestyle master class. All exercises are different from week to week. However we do have one adult I.S.T.D Intermediate syllubus class for those that wish to improve & polish each excersise.


I did ballet when I was a child, which class should I do? 
You should be fine in the Improvers class, as there is such a thing as muscle memory and most people depending how long they previously danced for, find it comes back to them quite quickly. You may want to try both the beginners and Improvers to determine which you prefer. Students in the Improvers classes do have a wide range of past experience but the classes are suitable for people with just a little experience. 


What should I wear to the classes?

There is no dress code, so feel free to wear something comfortable. Many people wear tracksuit bottoms or leggings and a t-shirt, although choose items of clothing that are not too baggy, because it's important to be able to see the placement of your arms and legs. You may wish to get in the mood of the class and wear the full ballet outfit. You will need to wear either socks or ballet shoes, but the shoes are not essential, and you can ask your teacher for advice before buying them. 





I'm a teenager is it to late for me to start?

No, Starting as a teen will give you a different experience than if you start younger, but it can certainly be as fun and enjoyable. Ballet is a wonderful activity at any age and spending time with friends with the same passion for ballet.


Is it to late to become a professional Ballerina if I start ballet lessons in my teens? 

You will need to be physically fit with a good body structure, favourable to the ballet world. If you work very very hard, take lots of classes and lots of practice at home, then yes you could be one of the extremely lucky few that get to perform professionally. Training as a teen can open other doors to other styles of dance that are based on ballet technique, ballet training can prepare you for success in Modern, Jazz, Contempory and other disciplines, as they don't require pointe training, these styles can be more accessible to teen beginners to achieve a professional career in dance.

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