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Ballet Classes:  At our Portchester studio with Vanessa Searle, we offer private lessons tailored to individual needs.


  • Children below Grade 5 standard: £28.00 per hour

  • Grade 5 upwards and adults: £33.00 per hour

Please note: There is no discount rate or free trial class for private lessons. Payment is due on the day and can be made via cash, cheque, or bank transfer. Alternatively, you may choose to pay termly in advance. 


  • Portchester Studio: Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays 

  • Warblington School: Saturday

Why Private Lessons?:

Private lessons are ideal for both children and adults. They help students:

  • Understand their own bodies 

  • Gain confidence in their personal goals

  • Receive tailored instruction suited to their individual needs

Shared Private Lessons:

If you prefer a shared class, the cost can be split with an additional £2 per person.

Zoom Private Lessons:

For those unable to attend in person or who live far away, we offer Zoom private lessons. Lesson codes will be sent via text or email.


To book a lesson or check availability, please call 07754001970 or email

Private lesson T&C & Information

STUDIO: The Portchester studio is a small studio equipped with mirrors and ballet barres, ideal for working on posture, strength, barre work, artistry, and individual ballet movements. On Saturdays, we have access to a large dance studio in Havant.

CANCELLATIONS: Private tuition may be cancelled without charge by giving at least 48 hours' notice via call or text. Please note that leaving a message on voicemail is not considered satisfactory notice. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled lesson will incur the full fee.

SHARED PRIVATE LESSONS: There must be a prior agreement between all parties sharing the lesson. If one student is unable to attend, the options are:

  • The lesson can proceed as a private lesson with the attending student(s) paying the full fee, or

  • The absent student(s) still pays for the missed class.

If both students are absent, the 48-hour cancellation rule applies (see above).


Private Lessons 

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