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Beginners: Suitable for the absolute beginner and people with limited dance experience, this class will cover the basics of classical ballet technique with an emphasis on building a good posture, strength and an appreciation for the beautiful art from. This class can be used as a fitness class. A steady build up to prepare a student for the next level and teaching a safe dance practice. You will be amazed by what you can achieve in such a short time! By the end of the course you would have fallen in love with this classic and timeless dance form. All Beginner can attend any of our beginners classes.

The class enables you to master the skills fundamental to ballet, develop the ballet french technical terms, and offers constant support to make sure you get the most from your ballet class.

Improvers Level: Suitable for people with a knowledge of classical ballet, designed to build on the skills. It expands on the complexity of steps that the student will learn with a greater focus on travelling steps. Focusing on the ability to perform each step neatly and accurately with an artist expression. This is particularly beneficial if combined with a beginners class.


Intermediate I.S.T.D Syllabus -Work & Improvers Level 2: Suitable for people with a extensive knowledge of classical ballet, designed to build on the skills learnt in Improvers level 1. This covers more complex elements of ballet including Pirouettes and more allegro with a greater sense of movement in each class to challenge technically, whilst encouraging artistic development.


Advanced & Improvers level 3: For the more advanced student, who wishes to perfect and polish their technique for each exercise. It Provides an in-depth study of ballet, developing technique, music and performance skills of the student. 


Point Work Level 1: Working on the barre with a small amount of centre practice. 


Point Work Level 2: A short warm up at the barre with the rest of the class taken as centre practice.  

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